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Teeth Veneers
Lakewood, CO

At Northstar Dental we make achieving the perfect smile a priority and we specialize in fitting dental veneers for that purpose. Multiple conditions can cause teeth to appear imperfect. This includes tooth chipping, stains, misalignment, and becoming worn down. Veneers are thin custom-made shells that fit over the surface of the tooth resulting in a natural and attractive smile.

There are two types of materials used to create these shells, porcelain and resin composite. Porcelain veneers are very good at resisting stains and are durable. They are the most popular choice. Resin composite shells can be quickly prepared and fitted onto teeth. We will discuss these options with you and answer any questions on your initial visit to ensure the best possible result.

The Veneer Process

It can take one to three visits to our office to have veneers placed. During the first appointment, we discuss the particular dental problems you desire to resolve, and if veneers are the way to go. After a dental exam and a decision on the type of veneers, we move on to preparing the tooth for the procedure. With composite veneers, there is often little preparation required. They are sometimes fitted on the same day and are often used in emergencies such as a chipped tooth just before an important event.

Porcelain veneers are custom made, requiring us to take an impression of the tooth and send to our laboratory for the making of the shell. On the first visit, we may need to file down the surface of the tooth slightly. This will be to make up for the thickness of the shell and will allow the tooth to appear a natural size when fitted. Depending on the sensitivity of your teeth, we may need to apply a local anesthetic, but this is often not necessary. A temporary veneer will be put in place until your next appointment.

On the second visit, we will remove the temporary veneer and place the custom-made veneer on your tooth to check that its appearance matches that of your other teeth. Once you approve, slight etching is done to provide a suitable surface for bonding. We then use a special quick-hardening cement and beam of light to bond the shell to the tooth. After this curing, we remove any excess cement and trim the margins, so your bite is properly aligned.

We arrange a third visit a couple of weeks later so that our team can confirm that the veneer remains comfortably aligned and there is no negative reaction to the gums. This is important as a natural fit makes for a longer lasting veneer.

An attractive smile is great for boosting confidence and makes for a healthy appearance. This cosmetic procedure is perfect for fixing a myriad of imperfections in the long term. We can help you understand your options and choose that best veneers that will enhance your smile. If you're around Lakewood, CO, contact Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 and make an appointment today!

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At Northstar Dental we make achieving the perfect smile a priority and we specialize in fitting dental veneers for that purpose. Learn more here.
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