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Teeth Cleaning
Lakewood, CO

Man getting a dental cleaning at Northstar Dental in Lakewood, COHere at Northstar Dental, we carry out dental cleanings on different patients with various challenges related to oral hygiene. The aim of a dental cleaning procedure, as the name suggests, is to thoroughly clean and disinfect all the dental structures. The patient ends up with healthier and good-looking teeth and gums after the procedure. As such, the procedure is also about improving the aesthetic appearance of our patients’ teeth and gums.

Ordinary brushing and flossing are often not enough. It is recommended that you get a dental checkup appointment with us every six months. During the appointment with our dentists, your teeth will be cleaned in areas that your brush and floss line will normally miss.

When Do You Need Dental Cleanings?

At the point where your teeth meet the gum, there is a depression called a pocket. This pocket tends to become deeper as you continue aging. If the pocket separates from the gums, the pocket becomes a trap for food deposits and other types of dirt. If you don’t brush your teeth properly, the pockets will collect plaque, which hardens into tartar with time, and starts to cause gum infections.

You need to come to us for dental cleaning if you note some deposits at the edge of your gums. Once the deposits are already visible, you need a deeper cleaning than your ordinary toothbrush can perform. During your periodic dental checkups at our office, these pockets must be checked and cleaned up.

What to Expect During the Teeth Cleaning Process

Dental cleanings are a combination of various process, depending on the depth of the problem being dealt with. The first step is to remove any deposits that might be anywhere in your mouth. Depending on how much deposits are on your teeth, it might a simple removal procedure, or it might necessitate a scaling. Scaling is a procedure that is used to comprehensively remove tartar from your teeth, especially when it has been there for long and has toughened up. Our dental cleanings experts use ultrasonic and electric devices during the scaling procedure.

After our dentists are satisfied that there are no more tartar deposits in your mouth, they will embark on cleaning the surface of your teeth. This cleaning is also quite thorough as well and might go as deep as the tooth root if need be. The final step is to disinfect your teeth to kill any surviving bacteria. At the end of the procedure, you remain with perfectly clean teeth and gums which are not at any risk of infection.

If at any point, our dentist notes that your teeth have deeper problems that require more attention, they will advise you to take the appropriate treatment. We aim to ensure you have perfect oral health at all times.

If you are around Lakewood, CO, call Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 and find out more about dental cleanings and the other dental services that we offer. We take pride in being able to help people smile broadly!

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Teeth Cleaning - Lakewood, CO • Northstar Dental
At Northstar Dental, we carry out dental cleanings on different patients with various challenges related to oral hygiene. Learn more here.
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