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Same Day Dentures

Smiling senior coupleFor the best in same day dentures, come and see us at Northstar Dental. The last thing you want to hear when you are leaving the clinic is that you have another appointment, especially when it touches on teeth. However, Northstar Dental, offers the latest technology to ensure you get the full treatment in a single day when it comes to same day dentures.

As you might have guessed already, same day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are dentures installed soon after removing their natural teeth. With this new procedure, you should be able to start eating and speaking with the new set of teeth.

A new set of dentures may the best option if extracting your remaining teeth is the only option on the table. Also, remaining toothless as the new set of teeth are created is inconvenient since this may take up to a few weeks to complete.

Regular Dentures vs. Same Day Dentures

With regular dentures, a mold will be used to come up with specific dentures that fit the patient’s oral cavity. This will happen after undergoing an operation which includes fitting the dentures and making simple adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

In contrast, same day dentures will be molded before tooth extraction and later fitted after the extraction. Nevertheless, you may require certain adjustments during bone and gum healing. In some instances, patients may be required to replace the dentures with permanent ones after making a full recovery.

To help you choose between the two types of dentures, visit our clinic where you can get professional advice on what suits you best.

The Procedure

It’s important to understand the procedure used in same day dentures is different from the traditional denture procedure. This is largely because these dentures are created before teeth extraction.

To begin, we will use your existing gums and teeth to make impressions, and these will be used to make precise duplicates which will be fitted after tooth extraction. Next, you’ll come in for an extraction appointment which involves removing your back teeth before the others.
Afterward, you’ll need to try on the back teeth. However, keep in mind that removing the back teeth is only necessary should you require an entire set of the same day dentures. Removing these teeth and allowing for healing in the area increases the chances of the same day dentures fitting well.

The final step will be to insert the dentures, which will then restore your smile. In some instances, we may have to place temporary tissue conditioners or linings to offer more comfort during your healing period.

The Cost

The cost of this procedure will vary from one patient to another and will depend on your overall oral health. However, you can be sure we offer unbeatable prices for this procedure. Consult with our dentists at Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 any time if you have more questions about the procedure and its benefits.
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