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Laser Dentistry
Lakewood, CO

Here at Northstar Dental, we can make your dental treatments more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable using laser dentistry. It is a fairly new addition to dental technology and has improved some of our services considerably.

What Is Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an innovative approach to dental care that's minimally invasive. The way it works is by using focused light beams as a cutting instrument for tissue removal or alteration. This technology can also be used for teeth whitening. It's able to this by enhancing the effect of tooth-bleaching agents by acting as a heat source.

In addition to reducing discomfort, pain, and healing time, the benefits of laser dentistry include reducing the need for sutures and anesthesia in some dental procedures. Procedures that use dental lasers have less blood loss than those done using conventional methods. Infection is also less likely because the laser sterilizes the gums as the dentist works. Lasers also target diseased and infected areas with greater precision and accuracy.

Lasers are also better at preserving natural teeth and promoting new bone growth. If you practice good oral hygiene, using lasers also increase your chances of achieving long-term results.

Different Types of Dentistry Lasers

We use two types of dentistry lasers, and each has different wavelengths and power levels. The first is a soft tissue laser. Common soft tissue procedures we perform with this type of laser include reshaping gum tissue, crown lengthening, tongue frenulum attachment treatments, and soft tissue fold removal. The second type of laser we use is a hard tissue laser. This type of laser is used for cavity detections, tooth preparations, dental fillings, and to resolve tooth sensitivity. We can also use laser dentistry to see inside tooth or gum tissue safely, remove benign tumors, and treat obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ (temporomandibular joint), nerve regeneration, and cold sores.

What to Expect

Laser dentistry appointments are similar to other dental appointments. We'll start by examining your teeth and reviewing your dental and medical history. Depending on the type of condition we're treating we'll also take x-rays.

Anesthesia may be unnecessary, but it is always available. We let the patient whether they need it or not. When using a dental drill, you'll experience vibrations or discomfort. You won't feel anything like this when using lasers.

Who's A Good Laser Dentistry Candidate

You're a good candidate for laser dentistry if you have bone loss or infections around implants and have a deep fear of dental treatments or surgery. It's also an effective option when you have loose or shifting teeth, swelling and bleeding gum, or use prescription blood thinners or aspirin therapy.

Laser dentistry is the new standard of care for common dental procedures. Discuss your laser surgery options with one of our fully trained and licensed professionals by calling Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 today. We'll help you move one step closer to preserving your natural teeth, healthy gums, and beautiful smile.

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At Northstar Dental, we can make your dental treatments more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable using laser dentistry. Click here to learn more.
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