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Dental Crown Repair
Lakewood, CO

Patients with damaged teeth should visit our professional experts at Northstar Dental since they are experienced in fixing dental crowns. Our experts will fix these prosthetic devices onto a patient’s implants or teeth to safeguard them against future damage.

At our office, we have different types of dental crowns. These include resin, ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain. However, it is important to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to each type. Our dentists examine your teeth first and then make recommendations about the best type for your teeth.

Reasons to Get a Normal Crown

Dental crowns assist in restoring the strength, shape, appearance, and functionality of a broken or damaged tooth. Once we place a new crown, you should be able to use the tooth normally and comfortably, and you will not risk damaging your tooth further. A dental crown will protect the exposed part of your tooth as it holds it together physically, thus protecting it from further damage.

When our dentists fix a dental crown, they will restore and maintain your bite and your mouth’s structural integrity. Teeth that break or decay will eventually fall out or be extracted if not properly taken care of, and leave a gap in your mouth. These gaps can lead to further problems, especially if they affect your bite. However, dental crowns can fill this gap, thus restoring the normal structure of your mouth. Dental crowns cover healthy teeth that might otherwise be lost to infection of damage. Dental crowns can restore the normal appearance of the patient’s mouth since they cannot be differentiated from the patient’s natural teeth.

Other patients will need dental crowns fixed for cosmetic purposes. This is because they assist in restoring the aesthetics of a patient’s damaged teeth. Also, you can use a dental crown to cover your teeth if they are stained. This is important for stains that cannot be removed, even with professional cleaning.

How to Fix Dental Crowns

If you want a traditional crown fixed to your tooth, you will need to visit our offices twice. At the first appointment, our experts will check the affected tooth to determine whether it can support a crown. Then, we will start to fill it in preparation for the dental crown. On the other hand, if your tooth is broken or severely damaged, our dentists will have to fill the tooth first.

Once our dentists fill your tooth to the recommended shape, they will proceed to take an impression. Also, they will take impressions of the surrounding teeth and then send the impressions to our labs. At the end of the first appointment, our dentists will fix a temporary crown to protect the tooth until they fix the permanent crown.

Our experts will fix your permanent crown at the second appointment. They will have to remove the temporary crown, and then attach the new crown to your tooth using a special resin. This resin is specifically designed to fix dental crowns. After the permanent crown is fixed, you will need some time for the permanent crown to start feeling normal. However, the crown should start feeling normal after some time.

Dental crowns are an excellent option for restoring stained, crooked, or misshaped teeth. If you have any issues with your teeth, visit our experts here at Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 and get the opportunity to discuss the dental crown that is suitable for you.

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Dental Crown Repair - Lakewood, CO • Northstar Dental
At Northstar Dental, we examine your teeth first and then make recommendations about the best type of dental crown fit for your teeth. Click here to learn more.
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