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Meaning Of Tongue Tie

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Northstar Dental
Meaning Of Tongue TieTongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is an oral anomaly that decreases the movement of the tongue tip. This results from a thick, tight, and short lingual frenulum membrane connecting the lower side of the tongue to the surface of the mouth.

It usually develops at birth thus making breastfeeding for young infants difficult. It also interferes with a child's speech articulation, eating habits, and swallowing patterns.

Symptoms of Tongue tie

A child having a tongue tie condition may present symptoms such as difficulty in lifting their tongue towards the upper teeth and side-to-side movement of the language. In addition, if your child has trouble sticking out their tongue past the lower front teeth then they may be having a tongue tie condition.

What are the complications related to tongue tie?

As children grow older, it can become difficult to follow up on their oral hygiene. When oral hygiene is neglected, it accelerates tooth decay and exposure to bacteria causing gum diseases. It can also lead to gap formation between the two bottom front teeth causing speech difficulties and wrong articulation of letter sounds.

Additionally, a tongue tie can tamper with a baby's ability to suck breast milk and cause them to chew the nipples. Newborns have different degrees of upper lip attachment thus feeding problems may result from a too-tight lip tie and the resulting immobility of the tongue. This interference can lead to poor nutritional value for the baby and nipple pain for the mother.

Can tongue tie be treated?

A procedure meant to free up the lingual frenulum which is known as frenotomy can be recommended by our doctors. You will be required to physically stretch the cut tissues for 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure to prevent tight regrowth during healing. It's normally a simple procedure mainly chosen by caregivers or mothers undergoing breastfeeding issues with their infants. If you consider frenotomy don't hesitate to visit our facility and have it performed in a friendly and professional way.
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