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Should I Brush And Floss As Frequently If I'm Having Frequent Dental Checkups?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Northstar Dental
Should I Brush And Floss As Frequently If I'm Having Frequent Dental Checkups?Often, the dentist will recommend you make frequent trips to the dental offices for preventive dentistry procedures such as prophylaxis cleanings and checkups. You need to have the mouth, teeth, and gums checked regularly for any decay, gum infection, or other oral issues. Visiting a dentist allows you to get a cleaning done for the mouth. This helps remove plaque and bacteria or even tartar that accumulates in the mouth.

Frequent Dental Checkups Cannot Substitute At-Home Oral Hygiene

You should never confuse those frequent dental care visits to be a substitute for your daily oral hygiene at home. These two practices serve different purposes. Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist more frequently does not mean that you can slack on your daily oral care at home.

A dentist will provide instructions on how to brush and floss more effectively. You need to utilize these tips and guidelines so that you maintain a clean mouth. Bacteria and plaque are continuously accumulating in the mouth. That is why you cannot forgo daily oral hygiene practices. Clean the teeth twice a day and floss interdental spaces at least once. This way, you combat bacteria and plaque, and you reduce the amount of tartar forming.

A dental visit for cleaning works to eradicate what you missed from the daily oral hygiene. You may be the best brusher and committed to your oral hygiene, however, you will not be able to eliminate all the plaque and bacteria. There are hard-to-reach areas such as interspaces of the teeth and the gum pockets. A dentist can conduct professional cleanings like prophylaxis or gross debridement to cleanse the mouth of the bacteria and plaque you miss at home.

What If You Fail to Brush and Floss?

If you happen to substitute your daily oral hygiene with frequent dental cleanings and checks, you are likely to encourage dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth pain or sensitivity, cavities, bad breath, and tooth discoloration. You may get periodontal disease and even tooth loss because you are not removing bacteria and plaque early enough before they cause damage to teeth. Remember that it is almost impossible to see a dentist every day for cleanings and checkups. Talk to us today about oral hygiene.

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