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Jaw Problems And Headaches

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Northstar Dental
Jaw Problems And HeadachesWaking up with a sore jaw is usually the first sign that you may have a jaw problem. You may be deceived to think it's just a wrong sleeping position, but if the soreness is accompanied by severe headaches, insomnia, and facial pain, you might want to call our dental experts.

Causes of jaw problems

Jaw pain is usually caused by a disease known as temporomandibular joint disease. Patients suffering from this disease typically complain of insomnia, facial pain, and severe headaches. This is because your temporal bone is connected to your jaw by a muscle known as the temporalis muscle. This causes temporal headaches.

Jaw misalignment causes you to overwork your muscles making them tense. This tension then accumulates in your face and neck, making them sore. The headaches you experience are usually connected to the muscles surrounding them. These are the facial and neck muscles. Therefore, their tension and soreness will lead to headaches. Jaw misalignment may also cause the abnormal pop you may have observed in your jaws.


Treating temporomandibular disease requires an expert. Luckily, we have specialists in the field at our practice. We first conduct a diagnosis to confirm whether you are indeed suffering from the disease when you come in. The diagnosis involves physical examination and questions concerning your medical history, dental history, and procedures you have had.

We will check your jaw movements and sounds, the alignment of your head and neck muscles, and how your teeth fit together. After we reach a conclusion that you have the disease, we shall start discussions on the treatment plan that best suits you.

Our practice uses x-rays, teeth models, and computerized tests to provide the best treatment for your disease. Contact us if you are experiencing soreness in your jaw accompanied by severe headaches and facial pain.
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