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Does Oral Health Impact Overall Health?

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Northstar Dental
Does Oral Health Impact Overall Health?Oral health is more than keeping the teeth clean. It is about the gums, glands, nerves, and muscles of the mouth. Oral health is linked to the overall health of a patient. Overall health affects oral health. Keeping your oral health in check is one of the steps to keeping the body healthy. Our professionals can assist in checkups for oral health.

Connection with Common Diseases

General oral health can be used as an indicator for the rest of the body. Recurrent bleeding gums may signify a blood disorder. Lesions in the mouth may be signs of HIV. Loss of bone in the lower jaw may be a sign of Skeletal Osteoporosis. The mouth has millions of bacteria and microorganisms. If not cleaned regularly and checked may lead to problems. The bacteria may get into the blood vessels. Bacteria in the vessels may lead to poisoned blood and inflamed valves.

Ailments that may affect Oral Health

Diabetes is a common disease that affects people's gums. The patients may not be able to fight off gum disease and which then leads to gum diseases. This is because the body is trying to fight off the disease. Osteoporosis is another ailment that may affect oral health. This ailment may lead to weak bones and teeth. Alzheimer's is another disease that affects dental health. Worsening health of the teeth is highly linked with this disease. Mucosal lesions caused by HIV are dental problems common in people.

Offering care

Our professionals have advised that keeping recommended dental health is as good as keeping the body healthy. There might be little correlation between the two but it is advised to keep oral health in check. Oral health can be used as an indicator for other diseases. Visit us now and we will offer professional oral care.
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