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Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Mouth

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Northstar Dental
Is Chewing Gum Good for Your MouthPeople usually have beliefs about dental health which can sometimes be true or untrue. It is important to seek advice from a qualified dental expert before trying out these practices as some could potentially be harmful to your oral health. One of the beliefs that people have is that chewing gum can be good for your gums. The belief has some elements of truth to it, but you need to be careful all the same.

How can chewing gum be good to your dental health

Chewing gum can stimulate saliva production which is a critical ingredient in your oral health. Saliva washes away food particles and bacteria from the surface of your tooth and gums, helping you prevent infections and tooth decay. The saliva is also essential in diluting the acids in your mouth. Chewing gum can also be beneficial by improving blood flow to your oral tissues. Oxygenated blood is key in the healing process. The act of chewing gum can also strengthen your jaws and teeth.

Check the type of gum you use

Even though chewing gum can be beneficial to your oral health, chewing on sweet gums can be harmful. The sugar in sugary gums can increase your chance of developing tooth decay. This is because when the sugar is broken down by the bacteria in your mouth it produces acids. Therefore, target chewing sugar-free products which will not produce any acids to affect your oral health.

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