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What is tooth avulsion

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Northstar Dental
What is tooth avulsionIf you have a severe blow to the mouth you are likely to get tooth avulsion. If you get dental trauma you will get a concussion, and heavy bleeding after getting dental trauma. If you play boxing or games like rugby you are likely to get tooth avulsion. If you get any of these, you need to wear a mouth guard to stay protected.

Childhood tooth avulsion

Having tooth avulsion in children is different from that of an adult. The teeth of children are in process of getting out, an adult has 32 permanent teeth. If the tooth of a child gets out due to avulsion this may be difficult since the tooth may be hanging out or permanently knocked out. The tooth can be replaced if it is saved and stored right and in good time. The dentist examines the teeth and cheeks on the type of dental trauma you are suffering from. Tooth avulsion is an emergency dental treatment.

Emergency after avulsion.

If your teeth come out or if your tooth has been knocked out, you should seek dental help immediately. First, locate the tooth if it has been knocked and fallen out. The dentist can replace the tooth back to its place though it is a painful; procedure. If you locate the tooth place it in cool water labor in a cup of milk. The tooth should not be left today for it will be hard to reattach it. Rush to the dentist as quickly as possible and the dentist will tray saving the tooth.

If your teeth have been injured by the avulsion process, our dentists will ensure that they give optimum dental hygiene. Visit us and if you have a knocked-out tooth we will help you treat it easily
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