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What to Do When a Dental Emergency Occurs

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Northstar Dental
What to Do When a Dental Emergency OccursThere are moments in your life that you may experience dental emergencies, and you may be unsure of what to do. The key at these moments is to remain calm and call our dentist to get advice on the way forward before coming to our practice. The first things that will you do immediately after an emergency will be critical in you safeguarding your oral wellbeing. Some tips will be crucial in you saving your teeth and preventing you from losing your tooth. However, it is important to understand the types of dental emergencies that you may encounter.

Types of dental emergencies

Dental emergencies range in type and severity. However, any dental hygiene regardless of severity can cause serious dental health problems. One of the common dental emergencies that we receive at our practice includes fallen teeth. This mainly happens due to various accident scenarios such as falling off your bike, falling on the stairs, car accidents, and sports injuries. These accidents can cause them to fall from their sockets. The accidents can also cause cracking of your teeth.

What you should do

If you have fallen teeth, it is important to locate the missing tooth because this will determine if you permanently lose your tooth. In case you locate the fallen tooth, you can try placing it back in its socket, and call our dentist immediately. If you are unable to place it back in its original position, you can place the tooth in a glass of fresh milk, and make sure you bring it with you to the clinic.

If you are unable to locate the fallen tooth, you can rinse your mouth to try and stop the bleeding, and schedule an appointment at the clinic.

Visit the clinic at the soonest time possible

The earlier our dentist examines you will determine the success of saving your tooth or finding the best treatment solution. Call us if you have any dental health emergency, to get advice and book an appointment for optimal care.
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