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Can Your Teeth Really Be Damaged by The Sun

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Northstar Dental
Can Your Teeth Really Be Damaged by The SunRelaxing in the sun can be refreshing, but it could have a negative impact on your teeth. As much as your teeth are not covered in the skin (no need to work about sunburns), direct sunlight on your teeth cab still damages them. Therefore, before enjoying the sunlight, it is important to understand the potential effects it has on your teeth.

Damage Caused by the Sun

There is a relation between the sun and teeth whitening options. Many OTC whitening trays use UV-related lights that facilitate stain removal from your teeth. To function properly, these products need you to avoid direct sunlight. The reason behind it is that UV rays from the sun can react with the chemicals used to whiten your teeth. If you have whitened your teeth using OTC teeth whitening options, exposing them to direct sunlight will spark a chemical reaction that can cause serious burns. Your teeth will sustain significant damage that can lead to oral infections. Furthermore, these reactions can also lead to teeth sensitivity.

Therefore, the sun can negatively affect your teeth, especially if you are using OTC teeth whitening options. Always come to our offices for professional teeth whitening procedures that are safe and risk-free. Apart from the risk, it poses to your teeth, your lips could also sustain sunburns. In fact, your lips are more vulnerable to sunburns compared to your teeth. Those with underlying skin conditions are in even more danger.

As much as the sun poses certain risks, it has some benefits for your oral health. When you bask in the sun, you help your body manufacture vitamin D. This nutrient is vital in maintaining good oral health because it maximizes calcium absorption. Therefore, it is important to understand your body condition before enjoying the sunlight. Visit our offices for more information on the effects of the sun.
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