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Pumpkin and Other Fiber-Rich Foods Can Give You Healthier Teeth

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Northstar Dental
Pumpkin and Other Fiber-Rich Foods Can Give You Healthier TeethIt is common to hear health professionals discuss super foods. Naturally, we assume those benefits are intended for your organs and general health. Did you know that there are dental superfoods as well?

Pumpkins Benefit Your Mouth

This may surprise you, but pumpkins are at the top of our list. Pumpkins contain a long list of nutrients that benefit your health and promote strong teeth and bones. Real pumpkins contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps with maintaining healthy gums. Vitamin C has long been known to decrease inflammation and eradicate infection in the body. Did you know those same benefits happen in the mouth? Pumpkins also contain zinc, which helps heal your bones and gums. Lastly, pumpkins have iron and magnesium. These vitamins strengthen your enamel and keep your tongue and muscles healthy.

Chew on Fiber Rich Foods for Oral Health Benefits

While pumpkins strengthen your teeth and gums, there are other foods that also offer oral health benefits. One category of foods that benefit your teeth are foods which contain fiber. Simply put, foods high in fiber often require more chewing. When you chew, you stimulate the production of saliva. This is important so the saliva can clean your teeth by rinsing away food debris. Saliva also helps fight bacteria. More chewing is also good for your digestion. While fiber supplements are beneficial, it is still a good idea to eat foods that are high in fiber.

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