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What Allows Composite Fillings to Blend in so Naturally?

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Northstar Dental
What Allows Composite Fillings to Blend in so Naturally?Cavities result when harmful mouth bacteria wear out your tooth enamel. If untreated, cavities will penetrate to the inner tooth and infect your pulp. To prevent this, you should fill your cavity while it is still small. You can use any filling, depending on your preference. Still, if you want to retain your natural tooth appearance, composite fillings are ideal for their material, color, and placement.

Material and Color

Unlike other types of fillings, composite is made of plastic resin and glass. These materials blend in with the natural tooth structure. Composite fillings also chemically bond with the natural teeth without any reactions, hence, suitable for individuals who are allergic to metals. Like natural teeth, composite fillings are white. They can also be color customized to match natural teeth color to cater to the difference in white teeth shades among individuals. To do this, we will tint the filling with a color close to or similar to your natural teeth color. This way, these fillings can be used even on the front teeth cavities.


We will do a little alteration to your natural teeth during the placement of a composite filling before fitting the filling. This ensures the preservation of a major part of your natural tooth. We will then place the composite filling in layers and use ultraviolet light to speed up the chemical reaction and allow the composite to bond with your tooth. Since composite is nonmetallic, we will shape and smoothen it after placement to resemble your natural teeth' shape and texture. The resin in this type of filling, just like natural teeth, contains fluoride and will wear out like natural teeth. Fluoride makes this filling function like natural teeth against cavities. Even with composite fillings, you should continue practicing good oral hygiene to prevent cavities and to ensure a longer lifespan for your fillings. For more details on composite fillings, contact our office today.
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