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Tips for Cleaning Behind Your Back Molars Effectively

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Northstar Dental
Tips for Cleaning Behind Your Back Molars EffectivelyExtra effort and tools other than a toothbrush are required to thoroughly clean the hard-to-reach sections of your mouth. The molars at the back of the mouth are one some of the most difficult places to clean. The space around your back molars might be too narrow for your regular toothbrush to fit into or to allow you to floss thoroughly. To keep your back molars in excellent form, you need to clean them effectively and massage the gum tissues surrounding them carefully.

A smaller-headed toothbrush can do a better job of reaching your back molars for a more thorough cleaning. Flip the brush upside down and sideways as you shove it gently back (as far back in your mouth as you can) and forth around both the upper and lower back molars to clean the front, inside, and side surfaces of all your molars thoroughly. Flossers with long handles make also make it easier to floss your back molars.

Using Single-tuft Brushes

Single-tuft brushes are specially geared towards delicate and hard-to-reach parts of the mouth, including the back molars, distal surfaces, crowded areas, interproximal surfaces, buccal or lingual surfaces, etc. The greater efficiency of single-tuft brushes in cleaning out these areas has been demonstrated in several scientific studies. One such study, which observed biofilm control in subjects within 4 weeks, showed that single-tuft brushes were much more effective for controlling the buildup of biofilm around the back molars and other parts of the mouth compared to regular toothbrushes.

Sometimes, the back molars may be neglected for too long for regular brushing and flossing to work effectively on them. In such cases, you need to get your molars cleaned professionally using state-of-the-art oral cleaning tools and techniques, like the ones we prefer to use. You can stop by our offices, or call to schedule an appoint, to see our tools and learn additional techniques for cleaning back molars in action.

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