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Does Eating Fresh Produce Give Your Oral Health Any Benefits?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Northstar Dental
Does Eating Fresh Produce Give Your Oral Health Any Benefits?We all love a hearty, delish bowl of fresh salads laced with spicy garnishes. But if you only take fresh veggies as a treat, here's a good reason why you should have them even more frequently; they can be highly beneficial to your oral health.

The regular consumption of wholesome, fresh produce makes it easier to maintain optimal oral health in the long run. When you brush and floss twice per day, and then eat fresh fruits and veggies in-between, you make it even much harder for harmful bacteria to lurk inside your mouth. Fruits and veggies help clear out harmful bacteria from our mouth and supply your gum and teeth with abundant quantities of essential nutrients needed for optimal oral health.

The Best Fresh Food Produce for Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

Crunchy, firm veggies and leafy greens like celery, carrots, spinach, lettuce, kale, etc. generally promote oral health because their fibrous texture and watery contents help wipe bacteria and plaque from the teeth surface. They're also great natural teeth cleaners because their crunchy texture stimulates saliva production, which also helps make your mouth uninhabitable to harmful bacteria. What's more, they imbue your mouth with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamins, keratins, potassium, etc., which are all critical to oral health.

Similarly, fibrous fruits like apples and berries are also highly beneficial to oral health. They can help rid your mouth of bacteria that cause oral problems like cavities, mouth odor, gum disease, etc.

Other Tips for Mouth-Friendly Eating Habits

We can't repeat many times enough that sugary foods are bad for health, including sugary fresh food produce like citrus, pineapples, etc. You might be tempted to have these sugary foods now and then and think it's okay because you brush and floss regularly. However, these foods minimize the effectiveness of brushing and flossing because they accelerate the growth of bacteria and plaque and their attendant harmful effects.

You also need to drink water regularly and turn up frequently for checkups at our offices. Call our office today for more personalized tips for mouth-friendly eating habits.
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