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How Flossing Can Keep Your Risk of Developing Gum Disease Down
Posted on 6/22/2020 by Northstar Dental
How Flossing Can Keep Your Risk of Developing Gum Disease DownAs gum disease becomes more and more common in today's population due to such things as sugary diets, excessive soda drinking, smoking, contributing medical conditions, and a number of other possible causes, it is increasingly less important how you developed it and more important how to properly prevent and treat it.

What Happens When You Don't Floss

The first thing we need to take note of is the many possible results that can arise from not flossing regularly. Everything from bad breath to serious tooth decay can all come from continuing to ignore the importance of flossing. These are also usually progressing signs pointing to the advancement of gum disease, from gingivitis all the way up to Periodontitis. When our lack of flossing becomes a chronic habit, plaque and tartar build up at the gum line and travel below it, making problems much more serious.

Misleading Headlines Regarding Flossing

There may be times when you have seen a study or even just glanced over a click-bait headline that claim a number of medical or dental experts' question whether flossing is really even necessary, or if it offers a significant benefit. The truth of the matter is that these studies are referring to the relationship between cavities and flossing. While there are competing philosophies as to the merits of flossing to reduce the risk of cavities, there is clear and conclusive evidence as to the significant benefits of flossing in general, and specifically in regard to battling gum disease.

Gum disease is affecting more people each year. If you need more information, simply get in touch with us whenever it is convenient, we'd be glad to help you. The most important thing with this condition is the same as it is with most others, early detection and treatment makes a world of difference.
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