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Ways to Stop Cavities from Forming Between Your Teeth

Posted on 3/30/2020 by Northstar Dental
Ways to Stop Cavities from Forming Between Your TeethBrushing your teeth twice a day is a great way to get bacteria off of your gums and teeth. However, brushing alone isn't quite enough to deal with all the bacteria in your mouth. People who only brush every day get a good amount of plaque buildup around and between their teeth.

If this plaque sits on your teeth for too long, it can cause a whole lot of problems. Plaque left to sit can cause tooth decay and even gum disease.

If you're wondering how to prevent plaque buildup around and between your teeth. The answer is simple. Flossing can help you reach those tight spaces where a brush can't reach. The purpose of floss is to clean between your teeth and below the gum line. The bacteria under your gums can cause irritation, swelling, redness, and bleeding. Bacteria contributes to gum disease so it's important to get rid of it.

Ways You Can Make Sure You're Flossing Correctly

Many people who floss may not do the best job. To do a good job at flossing, you'll need a little patience and a lot of practice. Taking the time to learn how to floss properly could save you thousands in dentist bills. The first step to flossing is to get some floss. You should wrap a long strand of floss around your two middle fingers. Next, start flossing in the back of your mouth and make your way around each tooth. Finally, you should try to get below your gum line when you floss. If it's your first time it may cause a little bleeding, but it'll go away once you're used to flossing regularly.

You should floss once a day. Any more and you could damage your gums. Now that you know how to floss properly, give it a try. Please call our office if you'd like more flossing tips. We'd be happy to speak with you.
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