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Make Sure to Keep Caring for Teeth Even When on Vacation

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Northstar Dental
Make Sure to Keep Caring for Teeth Even When on VacationAre you planning a vacation soon? If you're like most people, you grab your toothbrush and toothpaste when you leave, but do you bring floss and mouthwash? Many people don't, and some even fall out of their daily brushing habits while they're away from home.

But surely, it's okay to not brush while you're on vacation? Actually, it really isn't. You're putting your oral health at risk if you don't keep caring for your teeth even while you're on vacation.

You Don't Eat as Healthily on Vacation

Few people eat really healthy foods on vacation. You're most likely eating out rather than cooking, even if your hotel room comes equipped with a kitchenette. While you might make an effort to find restaurants with healthy options, it's not always that easy. You may also be more tempted to grab desserts or have soda or alcohol than you normally would, too. Plus, you may find yourself carrying around snacks, especially if you're doing a lot of things outdoors. Brushing every morning and at night is a necessity to fight off all of this extra sugar.

It Can Be Tempting to Skip a Brushing

We think of vacations as a time to rest, but if you're out sightseeing, you may find yourself rushing around more than you would on a regular workday. That makes it easy to justify skipping your morning brushing and flossing. When you get back to your hotel at the end of the day, you're exhausted, so you might let yourself fall right into bed instead of brushing them. Don't let yourself start these bad habits. If you do, it can be very easy to use these same justifications at home. If you have kids, they may also pick up these bad habits.

If you do stop brushing for even a short period of time, you may need a professional cleaning. Call us today to get one scheduled.
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