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What is Dental Air Abrasion?

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Northstar Dental
What is Dental Air Abrasion?If you have ever eaten something that was sugary and felt that sting of a cavity, you are not alone. For most people it can be a nerve-racking feeling.

This is to educate you on new technology on the market that can alleviate a lot of those concerns. If you're one of those people that fears the dentist or simply are used to the discomfort of a cavity, you no longer have to fear.

What is Air Abrasion?

If you have ever used a sandblaster to remove paint or clear any other surface, then this will make perfect sense for you. Usually, to remove decay on a tooth or clear some plaque, our dentists would use the drill. This is a somewhat new technology that will make it so anesthesia is not needed.

The hand piece blows a strong blast of tiny aluminum oxide pieces that hit the tooth and remove the plaque and decayed parts of your tooth. Air abrasion is also very helpful to use on a healthy tooth a cavity has been removed from. It roughs up the surface area of the tooth. Having the roughed-up surface area, it allows for sealants and bonding material to stick to the tooth holding fillings in place.

Why Air Abrasion is Different

Air abrasion gives a lot of people a sigh of relief because the air abrasion is less painful than a drill. Your teeth are covered down the gum line. Only the tooth being worked on is exposed. You are required to wear safety goggles to ensure none of the particles go in your eyes.

The advantages of using air abrasion over the drill are great. It does not generate any type of heat where the drill gets hot. If you have a small surface cavity, it can easily take care of it without having to use any anesthesia. It leaves more of healthy tooth tissue than the drill does. It reduces the chance of fracturing or chipping the tooth.

Please give our office a call if you would like further information or you would like to schedule an appointment with us. We are trained in restorative dentistry and are here to help in a way that is painless as possible. Our goal to educate you on good oral health and with an appointment, we can take a look and help you stay on top of it. Give us a call and we will get scheduled as soon as possible.
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