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What You Get By Eating a Varied Rainbow Diet

Posted on 8/30/2019 by Northstar Dental
What You Get By Eating a Varied Rainbow DietThere is a lot to be said about making sure your food looks good before eating. What you see impacts how much you enjoy a meal. However, it is not just about how the food you have prepared looks. It is also about the ingredients you use. By adding new colors and textures into your meal, you can also increase your nutritional intake. One of the best ways to do that is by eating a varied rainbow diet.

What is a Rainbow Diet?

The rainbow diet is simple. It involves taking produce and getting servings from each color of the rainbow. For example, for dinner you could make a salad with some green lettuce as your base. Then, you can add some red beets, orange pepper, yellow tomatoes, and blueberries to your salad. To top it off, you could add in a simple, homemade raspberry vinaigrette and have one bit of produce from each color of the rainbow.

By eating produce that varies in color throughout the rainbow, you give your body a wide range of nutrients during each meal. The more colors you can get in each day, the healthier you can be. The first part of your body that benefits is your mouth, but the benefits don't stop there. You also get nutritional boosts that cover your entire body by eating all these types of produce.

Are you looking for ways of being able to help keep your oral health optimized? If so, then reach out to us. When you come in for your exams, we can talk to you about the foods and drinks you regularly consume, and include ways of being able to increase your overall and oral health to your diet. Make sure to reach out to us when setting up your next grocery list so you can be sure you have the right foods coming home with you.
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