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Do I Have an Underbite?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
a group of teenagers with bracesHas someone told you you have an underbite, but you are not sure what that means? Underbites are one of the classes of malocclusions (or bite issues) and can be difficult to treat. If you need a little more information about underbites and how they are treated, keep reading.

What Is an Underbite?

In a normal bite pattern, your top teeth fit over your bottom teeth, and all of your teeth line up perfectly. However, in an underbite, your top teeth fall behind your bottom teeth, even if only slightly.

Many times, people know they have something wrong with their mouths before they are diagnosed with an underbite. As a parent, you may notice that your child with an underbite begins to have problems with speech patterns. You may also not be able to close your mouth properly, and even eating can become a problem. Other indications that you may have a problem with your underbite could include pain or discomfort in your jaw abd difficulty chewing or biting.

What Causes an Underbite?

Most of the reasons someone develops an underbite is due to a problem they may have had in childhood. If you sucked your thumb or you use a pacifier, you are more at risk for an underbite. You also have a higher risk of an underbite if you have a genetic predisposition - family members who also have the condition. Trauma can also cause underbites.

Treatment for Underbites

Luckily, dentists have some products to treat your underbite. First, it might be necessary to widen your upper jaw so that your bottom teeth slide underneath your top teeth when you close your mouth. This can be accomplished through the use of enhancers or spacers to gradually widen your upper jaw. You may also be fitted with braces so that your underbite can be corrected. Some people with underbites have surgery to correct their bite issues. No matter which type of surgery or procedure you use, you can have your underbite repaired.

Do you think you have an underbite? We will be glad to help! Call us to make an appointment today!

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