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How Can I Talk To a Friend About Her Dental Issues?

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
White female patient happily waiting in a dental chair for her dentist to begin her routine dental exam.It is really easy to be an acquaintance and tell white lies to your friends about how they look. It can be far more difficult to be a good friend and have a caring discussion with your friend about her dental health. Here are some ways to introduce dental health into a conversation in a loving, concerned way.

Tell Your Friend You Are Worried About Her Dental Health

If your friend has physical issues with her mouth, trust us that she is aware of them. You will need to approach your friend in a way that she will hear you and not get defensive. For example, if you have noticed that your friend is missing teeth or has discolored gums, you may want to talk to her about restorative dentistry. You may want to begin by asking her a simple question, such as, Is it difficult for you to chew?, or Are you worried about your gums? Be sure to tell her that many dental offices are able to work out payment plans for many patients because the objective is better dental health.

Tell Her You Miss Her Smile

Maybe their dental health has been deteriorating over the last few years. Many people with dental issues do not smile because they are embarrassed about their dental health. You may want to mention to your friend how gorgeous her smile was and that you miss it. That may be enough to start up a conversation about dental health.

Honesty May Work, Too

If she is one of your closest friends, she trusts your opinion. It may be time to be honest with her about your concerns for her dental health. Reassure her of your love for her but also that you worry she will incur more damage to her teeth and gums the longer she puts off going to the dentist. If she worries about dental visits, why not reassure her that many dentists use sedation techniques to make dental visits easier? Volunteer to join her for the dentist if she needs moral support.

Do you have a friend who needs dental help with her teeth or gums? Why not have her contact our office today?
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