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Can I Have an Anesthetic When Pregnant?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Woman showing her pregnant stomach outside.Anesthetic medications are generally used for surgery. Anesthesia is used for medical procedures that require the patient to be put to sleep. The medication is administered through breathing in gases through a mask or intravenously (IV). They are considered safe for the baby and there are no birth defects that are associated with it. The sedation leaves the baby as soon as it leaves the woman after the surgery, so there is no lasting impact associated with sedation. However, there are some common questions that patients ask.

Does general anesthesia increase the chance for miscarriage?

It is unclear whether miscarriages happen due to anesthesia or as a response from the body to the surgery. However, some studies suggest that there might be a small increase in the chances of people who have had surgery in the first half of pregnancy.

Does Anesthesia increase the chances of birth defects?

According to the background risk, there is always a 3-5% chance of birth defects in every pregnancy. More studies have been done about this and have proved that having surgery and anesthesia in the first half and also the second trimester of pregnancy does not increase the chances of birth defects.

Does anesthesia affect the future behavior or learning for the child?

A short procedure with anesthesia is unlikely to have negative effects on behavior and learning. However, studies have shown that long surgical procedures might affect the brain. People who are pregnant and need urgent surgical procedures should not be discouraged from the use of anesthesia. We advise our patients to talk to their healthcare providers about the risks, benefits, and the appropriate timing of the surgery. For more information regarding dental care while pregnant, call our team today to make your next appointment.
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