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Is Root Scaling Safe?

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Close up 3D rendering of dirty teeth being cleaned and restored by a dental toolSevere gum disease will always call for professional intervention in terms of tooth scaling and root planing. This will be done to remove the tartar and treat the inflamed gums. These treatments help protect the smile and also prevent the loss of teeth and bone and the destruction of the gums.

Who Performs Tooth Scaling and Root Planing?

These procedures are as complex as they sound. Therefore, professionals who are trained and experienced in these fields take charge of the procedures. Dentists are in charge of general oral health, while periodontists are the gum disease specialists. These two work hand in hand to ensure the procedure is successful. Tooth scaling and root planing take place during the same dental visit. If the infection has spread, you will need more than one appointment to treat all of your teeth.

Risks and Benefits

Studies show that the procedure is effective and works for treating periodontitis. It keeps your oral health safe and secure, protecting you from losing the teeth and the underlying bone. The main risk associated with the procedure is the temporary discomfort associated with the healing process. Therefore, the overall risks are minimal.

However, the case is different for people who have underlying conditions like heart conditions and people with synthetic heart valves. They might need to take antibiotics before getting to the procedure. The antibiotics lower the risk of getting a bacterial infection due to the incisions made on the gums. It is advisable to ask your dentist if you need to take these antibiotics.

A Point To Note

An adult has only one set of teeth. You do not want to risk losing them to periodontal diseases. Thankfully, technological advancements in the field of dentistry can help save you from that. That does not go without tooth scaling and root planing, which can help save your smile! Book an appointment with us today.
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