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Can Your Teeth Affect Other Parts of the Body?

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Northstar Dental
Can Your Teeth Affect Other Parts of the Body?Yes, your teeth can affect other parts of the body. The health of your general body can be impacted by your dental health, meaning poor oral health will lead to health issues in your body. The following are ways in which your oral health affects your overall body health:

Cardiovascular Disease

Bacterial growth in the mouth can result from poor oral hygiene, producing gum irritation and infection.

If this inflammation gets into the heart arteries and bloodstream, they lead to endocarditis or atherosclerosis.

Endocarditis is when the heart's inner lining becomes infected or inflamed. If you have plaque build-up on your arteries' inside walls and tighten them, this lead to atherosclerosis, which limits blood flow across the body. This makes you more susceptible to developing stroke or heart attack.

Respiratory Infections

Poor oral health promotes the growth of dangerous microorganisms in the mouth. You can develop lung infections if you inhale these bacteria for an extended period.

Kidney Failure

Chronic renal disease can also escalate individual chances of getting gum disease. Bacteria in the gums produce harmful toxins that can enter the bloodstream and harm the kidneys.


Individuals with Diabetes are at risk for periodontal disease. It's an endless circle. Periodontal disease can progressively raise blood sugar levels, making diabetes difficult to manage. The situation can eventually deteriorate.

Complication During Pregnancy and at Birth

Women who do not practice good oral hygiene during pregnancy can develop various complications like miscarriage, fetal development restriction, and low birth weight. Besides, they can also contradict gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and preeclampsia. Furthermore, dangerous bacteria in the mouth might enter the bloodstream and harm the fetus.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Gum disease may result in tooth loss. You are at a high risk of contracting rheumatoid arthritis if you lose more teeth from gum disease. Visit us if you have concerns about your oral health affecting your overall health.
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