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General and cosmetic dentistry: Things To Know About General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Northstar Dental
General and cosmetic dentistry: Things To Know About General and Cosmetic DentistryGeneral dentistry is the treatment of teeth and gum discomfort and management. General dentistry covers various dental services, such as gum inflammation and gum diseases. Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures that mainly target the cosmetic to benefit a client. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, dental veneers, inlays, and onlays. Cosmetic and general dentistry have the following similarities and differences.

Similarities Between General And Cosmetic Dentistry

A dental service that both general and cosmetic dentistry offer is tooth filling. Both types of dentists can also conduct procedures for replacing teeth, such as tooth implants, dentures, and bridges. Cosmetic and health dentists can also play a role in educating patients on dental hygiene. Both dentists can do regular checkups and teeth cleaning. Both professions also offer tooth whitening and dental crowns.

Differences between General And Cosmetic Dentistry

The main difference between general and cosmetic dentistry is the training ad areas of focus. A cosmetic dentist focuses on aesthetics, while a general dentist deals with health-related issues that require treating teeth and gum issues in patients. General dentists have specialized training in improving tooth appearance.

In contrast, a cosmetic dentist has to acquire more degrees, licenses, and membership associations to conduct cosmetic dental surgeries, which general dentists do not want. A cosmetic dentist can perform more procedures that a general dentist cannot handle. More specialized procedures like correcting chipped front teeth and adding veneers are often left to a cosmetic dentist.


Ultimately, the choice comes down to the priorities and needs of a patient who needs services from the dentist. The end goal, the level of damage to the teeth and gums, and the appearance are things to consider. Both dentists are qualified to provide services according to their craft.

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