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How To Speed Up Recovery After Oral Surgery

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Northstar Dental
How To Speed Up Recovery After Oral SurgeryWhen you have a defection, injury, or disease affecting your teeth, a dentist can recommend oral surgery. Most people avoid or fear this treatment option, while others struggle with healing. Also, some heal faster than others do. You might have undergone the procedure, but healing is taking forever. Now you are wondering how to speed up recovery after oral surgery. Many options to achieve this goal exist, but some can lead to consequential oral complications. To be safe, here are some dentist-approved ways to speed up the recovery process after dental surgery:

Prioritize resting for some time

Like other surgeries, resting is vital after undergoing dental surgery. Your body requires some time to rest and heal. Depending on your situation, you should consider refraining from physical activities such as exercises for one week or more. Doing this will help you recover quickly and avoid other complications.

Use A Cold Compress

Cold compress is another effective option to help you speed up recovery after oral surgery. Placing the cold compress on your face for a day or two, or as your dental surgeon advises, is essential. The option will protect you from bruising, reduce inflammation, and enhance comfort.

Avoid Hard Food

When you undergo oral surgery, you must avoid hard items. You should only eat soft food that does not require chewing until you recover fully. You should also avoid hot and spicy foods and beverages. These items can hurt the surgery area and delay recovery.

Consider Drinking Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is one of the reasons why your recovery is delayed. Drinking enough water is essential to speed up recovery after oral surgery. However, avoid hot, caffeinated, or carbonated drinks. Following dentist directions is important to enhance the healing process. If you are struggling with recovery after dental surgery, consider contacting one of our dentists for help.
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