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Signs That You Need An Emergency Dental Appointment

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Northstar Dental
Signs That You Need An Emergency Dental AppointmentWhen facing a dental problem, you might struggle to decide whether it's an emergency. You might feel there's no need to see a dentist immediately. Sadly, if you don't get immediate dental treatment, this problem might lead to severe health problems.

Therefore, how do you decide when to see an emergency dentist and when to wait for the next dental checkup? Here are signs you need an emergency dental appointment:

Severe Tooth Pain

Most people will take painkillers when experiencing severe toothache instead of seeing a dentist. Unfortunately, painkillers only offer short-term relief. After a few days, the toothache might persist despite taking the painkillers.

Besides, the toothache might be due to a serious dental problem such as tooth decay. So, although OTC medication can help with the pain, it doesn't treat the underlying dental problem.

You will need to see an emergency dentist if you have been experiencing persistent tooth pain for 2-3 days. The dentist will undertake different dental examinations, such as a dental x-ray, to determine what's causing the tooth pain. The goal is to get a long-term solution for severe tooth pain.

Broken Or Cracked Tooth

Seek urgent dental help if you have a broken or cracked tooth. The dentist will examine the extent of damage to the tooth to decide the best way to repair it.

If the entire tooth comes out of your mouth, call a dentist to find out how to handle it. You want to learn how to increase the odds of reinserting the tooth.

Knowing when to seek emergency dental services can protect your teeth and enhance your dental health. So, see an emergency dentist if you're experiencing severe tooth pain or have a broken tooth. Consult our dentists today to know more about dental emergencies and how to handle them.

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